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List of the Greek inscriptions from the collection of the

National Museum in Warsaw


1. An Epitaph of the Diognetos and Diodelos of Rhamnous Fr

2. A Funeral Lekythos of the Eschation, son of Kephisodoros and the Kephisodoros, son of Eschation


3. An Epitaph of Doxa

4. A Decree from Perinthus in honour of Athenaios, a tragedian

5. A Dedicatory Stele for Isis and Sarapis founded by Artemidoros, a Former Nauarches of  Ploiaphesia

6. An Epitaph of Zotichos son of Zenon

7. An Epitaph of Marcella

8. An Epitaph of Timotheos

9. An Epitaph of Theodora

10. An Epitaph of Martyria

11.An Epitaph of Theodotos

12. An Epitaph of Theodoule

Aegean Islands

13. A Decree of the City Thasos in honour Polyaretos, son of Histiaios

14. An Epitaph of Philon

15. A Boundary stone-marker of the village Aphesis in district Limen on the Rhodes Island

Asia Minor  

16. An Epitaph of Menandre, Poseidonios, Asklepiades and Melitine, with a poem for Poseidonios

17. An Epitaph of Photeinos, son of Lakon

18. An Epitaph of Eutychides son of Theodoros

19. Titulus of the Heroon of the Family Systylii

20. An Epitaph of Hermogeneia

21. An Epitaph of Apollonios

22. An Epitaph of Glyconis

23. A Honorific Inscription of L. (?) Aburnius [      ] Founded by Lucius Aburnius Torquatus

24. An Epitaph of Ioulia Lyde, Dedicated by his Son Kapetolinos

25. An Epitaph of Euphemia

26. An Epitaph of Rhode

27. A Dedication to the Goddess Maa

28. A Historical Inscription on the Construction of the Aqueduct of St. Socrates

29. An Epitaph Dedicated by Trophimos and Diadoumenos to Hilaros their syntrophos

Syria, Phoenicia, Palestine

30. A Metrical Epitaph of Sabeinos

31. An Epitaph of Demetris

32. An Epitaph of Kleopatra

33. An Epitaph of Eusebis

34. An Epitaph of Agrippa

35. An Epitaph of Hieronymos

36. An Epitaph of Ioulia

37. An Epitaph of Rabothis

38. An Epitaph of Protion

39. An Epitaph of Tyche Fr Eng

40. An Epitaph of Nikarche

41. An Epitaph of Malchion

Egypt and Nubia

 42. A Dossier Relating the Gymnasium in Omboi

43. The Dedication to Gods Sarapis and Isis for the King Ptolemy I Soter Erected by Nikanor and Nikandros

44. A Dedication to the King Ptolemy, his Wife Berenike and Dioskouroi Founded by Priest Theoros and Association of Synbasiliastai and Dioskouriastai

45. A Dedication to the Sarapis and Isis for the King Ptolemy IV and the Queen Arsinoe III, Gods Philopatores, Founded by Diodotos, Alexandreus and his Four Sons.

46. A Fragment of the Dedication to  an unidentified King of the Lagide Dynasty and to his Wife (Ptolemy III Euergetes and Berenike II or the Ptolemy V Epiphanes and the Cleopatra I)

47. A Dedication to the Divers Gods for the King Ptolemy VIII Euergetes II, his both Wifes and their Children, Made by Ptolemaios and Tryphon

48. A Dedication to the God Harbaithos Founded for [Theo]n by his son Theagenes

49. A Honorific Dedication for [Theagenes] Son of Theon

50. A Dedication for the King Ptolemy and the Queen Berenike, Saviour Gods, Founded by Heliodoros, Thymoides and Hermogenes

51. A Dedication to the Zeus Horkios for the King Ptolemy IX Soter II

52. A Dedication to the Heros Megas Founded by oi( a)po/ th=j po/lewj geou=xoi  Fr

53. A Dedication of Demetrios for his Son as Accomplishment of a Vow

54. A Fragment of a Dedication

55. An Inscription on the Sundial

56. A Dedication to Hypsistos, Great,  Great God, for Epitychia, Called also Dionysia, her Husband Harpocras and their Children

57. A Dedication on the Statue of Achilleus, son of Akousilaos, Eklogistes of Arsinoe Founded by Priests

58. A Dedication Founded as the accomplishment of a Vow by Gaios Ioulios Demetrios for Himself, his Wife and their Son

59. A Dedication for Dioscures, Saviour Gods, Founded by Artemidoros, Son of Anoubas, his Wife Heraklia, Called also Tsinyris, and their Son Hermanoubis, Called also Dioskourides

 60. A Dedication of Peribolion Founded by Pity[     ], son of Paesis, Priest of the Dog Headed God, for Emperor Claudius

61. A Dedication on a Temple with Fountain and Plants in the Memory of Nemesion, Son of Anebotion, as Accomplishment of the Order Given by the Goddess Isis

62. A Dedication of Tyrannos, son of Heliodoros, a Physician

63. A Dedication to Horos Basileus Founded by Menouthos

64. A Dedication to the Great, Great God Founded by Psosatmes son of Psos

65. A Dedication of Patoubasthis, son of Apollonios

66. A Dedication of Weavers from Abydos

67. A Metric Epitaph of Sosibios

68. A Metric Epitaph of Heroīs

69. A Metric Epitaph of Sarapion

70. A Metric Epitaph of Tsatechanis

71. A Metric Epitaph of Didyme

72. A Metric Epitaph of Serapous

73. An Epitaph of Apollonides, Son of Hippias, of Gela

74. An Epitaph of Olympias, fille of Athenodoros, the Libyan, and [    ]damas, Son of Damatrios, of Theangela 

75. An Epitaph of Valeria, called also Thermoutis, erected by her husband Publius Valerius

76. An Epitaph of athlete Rouphos

77. Titulus of the  grave of Theodora, a doughter of Dioskoros

78. An Epitaph of Theon

79. An Epitaph of Melas and Heraklammon

80. An Epitaph of Hephaistammon

81. An Epitaph of Drakon, Son of Apion

82. An Epitaph of [    ]outis

83. An Epitaph of Paibo

84. An Epitaph of Alexis

85. An Epitaph of Nike

86. An Epitaph of Jew Sabbation

87. An Epitaph of Jew Sabbathos

88. An Epitaph of Jew Eleazaros

89. An Epitaph of Jew Sebethoīs

90. An Epitaph of Jew Iesous, Son of Sambaios

91. An Epitaphe of a Woman

92. An Epitaph of Haryotes, Son of Psennesis, a Gendarme

93. An Epitaph of Demarous, Daughter of Mousaios

94. An Epitaph of Biktorinios

95. An Epitaph of Tanisgene

96. An Epitaph of Thekla

97. An Epitaph of Genadia

98. An Epitaph of Komis

99. An Epitaph of Apa Ioannes

100. An Epitaph of Kollouthos

101. A Greek Foundation Stele with of the Cathedral of Faras

102. Inscription on a Lintel from the Cathedral of Faras

103. Inscription on a Block from the Cathedral of Faras

104. An Epitaph of an Unknown

105. An Epitaph of Maththaios, the Bishop of Faras

106. An Epitaph of Ignatios, the Bishop of Faras

107. An Epitaph of Stephanos, the Bishop of Faras

107a. A Fragment of an Epitaph (Probably of Chael, the Bishop of Faras)

108. An Epitaph of Iesou, Son of Mariame

109. An Epitaph of the Priest Stephanos, Called also Eiņitta

110. A Fragment of an Epitaph of the Euchologion Mega Type

111. A Fragment of an Epitaph of the Euchologion Mega Type

112. An Epitaph of a Priest Thomas

113. A Fragment of an Epitaph

114. A Fragment

115. A Fragment

116. A Fragment

117. A Fragment

118. A Fragment


119. An Epitaph of Panakeia and of her Mother Fausteine

120. An Epitaph of Abiania Kallistrate

121. An Epitaph of Tyche

122. An Inscription on the Sarcophagi

123. The Bilingual Epitaph of Marcus Iulius Sistus

provenance unknown

124. An Epitaph of Silbanos


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